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Do I need Phonics Coach to learn to spell...

... can learn to spell with Phonics Coach!

Phonics Coach was designed for those children, ages 8-18, who have trouble reading and spelling. This site can help everyone from students with diagnosed learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia) to students who area simply slow readers (e.g. cannot keep up with their classmates and/or have trouble with homework).

Although Phonics Coach was originally designed for youth we have had users as old as 67 who have experienced great results from the program. Adults with learning disabilities, or anyone who struggles with the basics of reading and spelling english (e.g. ESL) will benefit greatly from this site.

How do you report results?
Here's the greatest advantage to using our program to learn to spell and read. We will give you answers that are exact! No more wishy-washy explanations such as 'Johnny seems to have trouble with some of the vowels...' That doesn't tell you anything nor does it provide you with any solutions.

We'll tell you exactly what's going on and exactly what we're going to do about it. For example, if Johnny has trouble spelling words with the schwa-vowel "a" sound (as in spa), then we'll find this problem and it will be one of the things we work on.

We've got reading and spelling down to a science and you can follow along in the charts and graphs section to monitor your progress.


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