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Learning Disabilities

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Who can benefit from Phonics Coach?

Phonics Coach was designed for those children, ages 8-18, who have trouble reading and spelling. This site can help everyone from students with diagnosed learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia) to students who area simply slow readers (e.g. cannot keep up with their classmates and/or have trouble with homework).

Although Phonics Coach was originally designed for youth we have had users as old as 67 who have experienced great results from the program. Adults with learning disabilities, or anyone who struggles with the basics of reading and spelling english (e.g. ESL) will benefit greatly from this site.

How do I know if my child or student can benefit from the program?
If you have observed your child/ student struggling to read or spell, or have been so informed by an education professional (or even by the child her/himself), then Phonics Coach is for you. If you are still unsure, we have compiled a list below of some traits that are commonly observed in students that suffer from learning disabilities. If one or more of these traits applies to your child or student, she or he may have a reading disability.

My child/ student:

has trouble recalling details about what she/he has just read
gets hung up on individual words when reading
has difficulty with auditory discrimination
has trouble following directions
does not entirely complete activities or assignments
skips over words when reading
reads at a slow pace
has to re-read sentences to understand them
has trouble remembering what was just heard or seen
continues to make the same errors (even when corrected)
has trouble concentrating, sitting or standing still
is easily distracted or simply cannot focus
struggles to complete homework/ schoolwork
acts immature for his/her age
is at times overly aggressive

Note: This is not in any way an official diagnosis of a learning disability, but rather a list of common traits seen in those that have been officially diagnosed. For an official diagnosis, it is important to consult professionals/ specialists in the field; talk to teachers at your child’s school for more information.


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