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Orton Gillingham

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A brief history...
The curriculum is derived mainly from a very successful method used at The Gow School. A small private school catering to students with language difficulties, Gow has boasted a 100% college and/or university acceptance record for over 70 years.

Tarek, our staff professor and designer of this course, was a student at Gow for six years and later returned as an instructor. He has also studied Orton Gillingham, Reconstructive Language and Fluent Reading as a professional tutor.

Tarek's goal in designing this course was to discard all the "hocus-pocus and busy work" to use only the most effective and results-orientated aspects of each method he studied.

After years in development, the Phonics Community has a highly effective language training product to be implemented over the Internet. Our application takes the challenge out of reading and spelling the individual word, thus enabling students to focus on the content of the material they read and the style in which it is written.


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